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Tite Tote Lid Lock Clips with packaging
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Revealing the Holding Power of Tite Tote Lid Clips (50X The Holding Power)

Universal Lid Lock Clips

Tite Tote
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Secure the lids on your storage bins with ease using Tite Tote's Universal Lid Lock Clips. 

Each Package will secure two containers. 
Fits on most bins including: Sterilite - Rubbermaid - Home - Mainstays - Husky - Bella - Craftsman Commander - HDX - Brute - and many more.

Are you sick of your lids not staying secured? 

Lets face it.... we all store items in plastic totes. Whether it's sentimental items from our past or items that are out of season, waiting to make their way into our wardrobe or decor again. Often we store these items for months, sometimes even years without ever looking at them. Tite Tote Clips give you the peace of mind.... knowing your items are SAFE, SECURE & will be HOW YOU LEFT THEM. No more bungees or tape to try and keep our lids on.


  EASY TO USE - Snap on and off in seconds with no damage left behind. Secures your lid with as much as 50X the holding power.
  UNIVERSAL - Tite Tote Clips are Universal and fit both new and older model containers.
   MULTI-FUNCTIONING DESIGN - Every set of clips has the capability to hang two labels to display whats inside. When not in use, snap the clips together to prevent misplacing any. 
  ORGANIZE WHATS INSIDE - Use Tite Totes durable, reusable & waterproof labels to organize whats inside. When done... just wipe off the marker and reuse. They will not leave a sticky residue behind like ordinary labels or tape.
  SECURE YOUR LIDS - Don't let your lids blow off in the back of a truck or fall off if the bin is overturned. Tite Tote Clips will keep your lids secure.
  CHILDPROOFING - Keep the children or pets from getting into your belongings in seconds.
  OVERSTUFFED BINS - Tite Tote Clips are great at taming overstuffed or bulging bins. If you can get the lid on, Tite Tote will secure it.
 RODENTS OR PESTS - MICE, SNAKES and other PESTS can gain access into almost any bin, even if it has latches at the ends. NOT WITH TITE TOTE CLIPS!
 GENERAL STORAGE - Have the peace of mind knowing you never have to worry about your items again.
 USA MADE - Tite Tote is 100% USA made. Designed, manufactured and packaged in the USA. These clips are made out of the same material used in the aerospace and automotive industry to ensure the are tough and of high quality. 


    Customer Comment:

    "It is hard to put a price tag on sentimental items such as pictures or items that our kids had made. I unfortunately had to throw away many of these very important items because they had gotten destroyed by mice that built nests in our plastic bins. I thought I was keeping them secured in these containers but I guess I was mistaken. Even though the bins had the side latches mice still managed to get in through the gap on the sides. Thanks to Tite Tote, I have not had this problem since! Thanks Tite Tote."                                                                                        


    Use 4 clips per tote for maximum holding power.

    Recommendations: Pair these clips with the durable, reusable labels and you have the perfect combination of SECURITY - ORGANIZATION.


    If you have at least 6 totes that you store items in, we recommend you check out the Premium Moving Kit. This is not only for moving but is a bundled package for the ultimate storage and organizational system. This kit will color code your bins with 6 different colored tags and can secure up to 8 totes. The amount of money this kit can save in damaged or lost goods can be priceless. 


    If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us at info@titetote.com. We are always here to help!