Q & A

What containers will Tite Tote Clips work on?

 - Tite Tote Clips are Universal on most Standard plastic totes and Storage Containers. They will not work on Hi-Rise Lids or bins where the lids fold down in the center.

Can I still Stack my bins while using Tite Tote Clips?

 - Yes! Tite Tote Clips do not interfere while stacking most bins. If bins do not have a tapered sides, the bottom of the bin may sit on top of the clips, but this is rare.

Can I use Tite Tote Clips outside in cold / warm weather?

 - Yes you can. These clips have far more chemical resilience than the containers they are used on. They are made of the same material used in aerospace and automotive industry.

What are some possible uses for Tite Tote Clips?

 - Tite Tote Clips are perfect for any storage situation where you want to ensure your items remain safe. Some of the top reasons are:

       - Keep Lids Secured while traveling. Don't let your lids fall off or blow away in a truck, trailer or boat. 

      - Keep children Out: Child proof your containers with Tite Tote Clips

      - Keep Rodents, Pest and Reptiles Out: Even though most bins clip on the ends, this is not enough support to keep out small animals that can squeeze through a very small opening. If you have ever had your things destroyed because of pests, you know the feeling. This was actually one of the main reasons Tite Tote was born.

       - Keeps Lids ON: Due to overstuffed, bulging bins, lids will sometimes not even start to latch. Tite Tote Clips will ensure your lids remain on. If you can snap them, they will support you!