About Us

Tite Tote is proud to be a family owned company. Started by Mark Tatara and his wife Brianna. "We only intended to solve a simple problem that we had because of limited storage. Mice kept getting into our Totes stored in the shed which resulted in the loss of a lot of our priceless belongings. Bree also stored a lot of fabric in bins because she loves to sew cloths for the girls. These bins would get so full that the lids would not stay on at all. The girls would then manage to get into it and make our living room look like a small F-2 twister went through. Not to mention how many times my lids flew off while in the back of a truck. We quickly realized that many people share all the same problems and Tite Tote was born." Mark went to work and came up with a solution. He made his own production mold in his shop, designed packing and started on this incredible journey. The company continues to grow and will hopefully be ran by these two beautiful girls one day.