Ultimate Moving / Organizational Package by Tite Tote: Contents
Reuasable Label: Color Display on Tote Flange
Angled Clips with Resuable Tags, Six Colors for Moving Package
8 different models of stacked totes w/ TT Clips

Premium Moving Kit

Tite Tote
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Secure the lids on 8 Totes with the Premium Moving/Organizational Kit.

 (32 clips & 24 Reusable Colored Labels Included - 6 colors / 4 each)
Fits on most bins including:  Sterilite - Rubbermaid - Home - Mainstays - Husky - Bella - Craftsman Commander - HDX - Brute - and many more.

Make Moving a Breeze with the Premium Moving Kit.

Moving can be stressful... Use Tite Totes Moving Templates found in the Resources Tab for easy instructions and organized moving. This allows you or your movers to put bins in their proper locations so unpacking can be stress free. There is nothing worse than getting moved in at the end of the day and not knowing where your essentials are. Using this kit will prevent that and more.



  SAFE TRANSPORTATION - Moving involves handling your items many times, make sure your items stay contained, even if they are tipped or turned upside down.

  EASY TO USE - Snap on and off in seconds with no damage left behind. Secures your lid with as much as 50X the holding power.

  UNIVERSAL - Tite Tote Clips are Universal and fit both new and old containers.

  MULTI-FUNCTIONING DESIGN - Every set of clips has the capability to hang two labels to display what's inside. When not in use, snap the clips together to prevent misplacement. 

  ORGANIZE WHATS INSIDE - Use Tite Totes durable, reusable & waterproof labels to organize what's inside. When done... just wipe off the marker and reuse. They will not leave a sticky residue behind like ordinary labels or tape.

  SECURE YOUR LIDS - Don't let your lids blow off in the back of a truck or fall off if the bin is overturned. Tite Tote Clips will keep your lids secure.

  HAVE A PLAN - Print out the Premium Moving Kit Instructions and Room Color Templates to take the guess work out of moving. It is great to know where your stuff is when you get to your new place.

    Not Moving, No Problem - This kit is not only for moving but will keep your items safe and organized for many years to come. 

    If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us at info@titetote.com. We are always here to help!